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FP Lawyers are the best tax lawyers Brisbane wide and we provide a range of services to individuals and businesses across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Our tax advisors can help you navigate all aspects of taxation law.

Australian Tax Lawyers in Brisbane

At FP Lawyers, our principal lawyer Katherine Parasyn is both an Accountant (CPA) and Solicitor. With decades of experience, our team of specialist tax lawyers Brisbane wide offer personalised services to help people and businesses navigate all areas of Australian tax law. Our tax team are prepared to assist with everything from private and business tax matters to dealing with an ATO tax audit dispute and other proceedings.

We understand that Australian tax law can often seem complex. Handling matters of money, tax, employee pay and tax audits can be daunting, but the tax attorneys at FP Lawyers are ready to help. Our team of tax lawyers Brisbane wide have the experience to navigate Australian taxation laws which may come into effect when it comes to an inheritance, shares, property or gifts.

We work with all clients throughout Brisbane, offering professional advice and assistance to help achieve the best outcome for your matter so if you are looking for a tax debt lawyer, you've come to the right place.

Brisbane Tax Lawyers for ATO Debts, Audits & Disputes

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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the government body responsible for collecting federal taxes on behalf of the Australian Government. If you find yourself dealing with the ATO over a personal or business tax matter, our tax lawyers can provide the expert services you need. For clients throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, the tax advisors at FP Lawyers are available to resolve any ATO matters, including:

  • ATO audits
  • ATO disputes
  • ATO negotiations
  • ATO objections
  • ATO decisions

Australian tax law is one of our firm's principal fields of expertise. Seeking the help of a tax debt lawyer when dealing with the ATO is the best way to reach a quick, efficient and equitable solution to your matter. With decades of hands-on experience to our name, our tax and tax lawyers Brisbane wide use their vast industry knowledge to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Tax Advice Brisbane

Businesses take many shapes in Australia, and each type of business has its own set of tax regulations. Navigating Australia’s tax laws for businesses and companies can be difficult on your own. Our tax debt lawyers have a wealth of experience in the field, and we’re prepared to provide tax advice Brisbane wide and assistance with all business taxation issues. In an ever-changing landscape, our tax lawyers in Brisbane can help your business remain compliant and manage your obligations to staff, customers and the ATO.

Our tax debt lawyers can help businesses throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast, assisting with a wide range of tax issues such as:

  • ATO disputes and audits
  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Fringe benefits tax
  • State taxes
  • Payroll and PAYG
  • Estate planning
  • Business restructuring processes
  • The buying and selling of businesses
  • Buying and selling business assets
  • Taxation for trusts

Tax Advisors for Family Law & Estate Planning

Under Australian law, there are several places where taxation law, family law and estate planning coincide which is why it's best to get the right advice first from a family law firm Brisbane wide. Particularly when dividing assets during a divorce or separation, you might require the help of an experienced tax debt lawyer who will work with our team of wills and estate lawyers Brisbane wide and the broader team. 

FP Lawyers provides guidance, advice and representation to help you navigate the taxation system as it relates to your personal and family situation. Our tax lawyers provide sensitive advice, ensuring your family has the support it needs at critical times. We work with families and individuals across Greater Brisbane, offering specialist services that can help you avoid the shock of unexpected tax bills and liabilities.

Tax Advice Brisbane

Discuss your case with our tax debt lawyer today. 

ATO and QRO Tax Disputes

The ATO and Queensland Revenue Office (QRO) are responsible for collecting Federal and State taxes. If you have been audited or have received an unfavourable taxation decision from either office, FP Lawyers can help you prepare and lodge an objection.

The taxation decisions handed down by the ATO are serious matters that may carry financial and criminal repercussions. If you receive a summons from the ATO for not lodging income tax returns, business activity statements, providing misleading statements or fraud, it’s always important to work with experienced tax lawyers Brisbane wide.

With decades of experience in Queensland and Federal taxation law, FP Lawyers can prepare an objection and work towards a favourable outcome. We have the expertise to represent you at every level of a tax dispute, including at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Court and High Court. FP Lawyers has an outstanding success rate in supporting our clients through tax disputes, so contact us if you need help dealing with an ATO or QRO decision.

Support for Tax Practitioners Board Investigations

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In addition to our individual and business tax advice Brisbane wide, FP Lawyers provides advice, representation and support during investigations by the Tax Practitioners Board. All tax and BAS agents are required to be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board. If you are investigated by the Board for failing to comply with the Tax Agent Services Act 2009, our team can provide legal support to help you reach a favourable outcome.

Investigations conducted by the Tax Practitioners Board can seriously and permanently affect your ability to offer taxation and BAS services. It’s important to act quickly if you are notified of an investigation or have received a decision from the Board.

Following a reviewable decision, you have 28 days to prepare a defence. Whether you need advice about your obligations, representation in Tax Practitioners Board hearings, or help with disputing a decision, our team of tax lawyers Brisbane wide will work with you to reach the best resolution possible.

Our Wonderful Clients Say

We are passionate about law and providing our clients with a personalised and positive experience. This is what they have to say about working with FP Lawyers.

Hitesh. K

Fantastic team with personalised service. Always very helpful and cooperative. Thanking you heaps.

Peter. S

Kaycee, Alyce and their team were thorough, professional and highly skilled when I sought their services for my property settlement. My family have used them for some time for this reason. Highly recommended!

Make An Appointment With Our Brisbane Tax Lawyers

For advice and representation regarding Australian tax law, our tax attorneys are ready to help. FP Lawyers works with personal and business clients across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, providing support for a range of taxation and ATO matters.

We understand that managing tax and dealing with the ATO can be stressful, so we approach all matters with sensitivity, taking on the burden so you can go about your life as normal. Contact us today if you’d like to arrange an obligation-free consultation with our tax lawyers Brisbane wide.

Katherine Parasyn - Principal Lawyer at FP Lawyers

Katherine Parasyn

Principal Lawyer

Originally from a business and accounting background, Katherine has enjoyed fantastic success throughout her professional career.

Her path has been occupied by leading roles in a range of construction, accounting and legal practices. Now with her own law firm, Katherine has built a team of people who share her vision for demystifying the law and supporting clients in any way possible.

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Taxation Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of taxes?

The Australian Federal Government collects the following taxes:

  • Income tax
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Medicare Levy and the Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Luxury car tax
  • Customs and excise duty

Australia’s State Governments collect the following taxes:

  • Stamp duty (also called transfer duty)
  • Payroll tax
  • Land tax
  • Motor vehicle duty
What do I do if I've not paid my tax and the ATO has sent me a notice?

If you receive a notice from the ATO about unpaid taxes you should contact our tax lawyers Brisbane immediately. The ATO is willing to be lenient with tax payers that want to do the right thing. However, if you fail to pay your taxes and don’t respond to an ATO notice, the ATO may take stronger action that includes:

  • Charging interest on your tax debt
  • Withholding tax returns and entitlements to repay your debt
  • Garnishing your wages
  • Issuing Director Penalty Notices
  • Serving a bankruptcy notice
  • Applying to the court to have your company wound up

Your tax debt lawyer can provide support and advice for dealing with the ATO. As long as the issue is addressed quickly, the ATO will develop a plan that allows you to repay your debt and avoid further action.

I have an accountant, why do I need a tax lawyer?

Our tax lawyers Brisbane are professionals that provide legal advice for dealing with complex taxation matters. Tax lawyers can help you deal with significant tax risks, such as setting up a business, buying or selling a business, and resolving or preventing tax disputes. On the other hand, accountants are professionals that provide financial advice and work to minimise the amount of tax you pay while still remaining compliant with the ATO.

These two professions work together to minimise your tax liability and manage your risks. If you find yourself in a dispute with the ATO then you will likely need support from both a tax lawyer and your accountant.

Do you do tax returns and BASs?

The team at FP Lawyers does not prepare Business Activity Statements (BAS) or individual tax returns. You will need to engage an Accountant to prepare your tax returns and BAS. We are happy to work with your accountant and provide legal advice on tax risks, establishing businesses, ATO disputes, audits, estate planning and more.

How does tax affect my estate or assets?

Your estate and assets are subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) while you are alive. If you sell a major asset (such as real estate), you will need to pay CGT on any money you make. After you pass away, the beneficiaries of your estate are required to pay CGT if they sell inherited assets, and they are required to pay income tax on any income the estate generates. There are further taxation implications if you pass away and some (or all) of your estate resides in a trust.

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