Taxation Law

FP Lawyers provide a range of services to individuals and businesses that can help you safely navigate tax law as well as any dealings with the ATO.

Tax Law

Australian Tax Law

Our principal lawyer, Katherine Parasyn, is both an Accountant (CPA) and Tax Lawyer with decades of experience under her belt. This gives our clients access to expert help in both fields, ensuring your tax matters and disputes are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We understand that tax law can often seem complex, but personalised help from our legal team can help resolve issues or reach the best outcome when dealing with the Australian Taxation Office.

ATO Debts, Audits & Disputes

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the government body responsible for collecting national taxes on behalf of the Australian Government. If you find yourself dealing with the ATO over a personal or business tax matter, FP Lawyers can provide the expert services you need to resolve any ATO audits, disputes, negotiations, objections or decisions.

As tax law is one of our firm’s principal fields of expertise, our team can use their vast industry knowledge to achieve the best possible results for our clients and help them handle any outstanding ATO disputes.

Business Tax Law

Businesses take many shapes in Australia, and each has its own set of tax regulations which can be difficult to understand alone. We provide advice and assistance in all matters of business taxation and can help your business navigate the ever-changing laws and remain compliant with the relevant legislation. 

FP Lawyers can help businesses dealing with a wide range tax issues, such as:

  • ATO disputes or audits
  • State taxes and payroll
  • Estate planning
  • Business restructuring processes
  • The buying and selling of businesses

Personal & Family Tax Law

Under the law, there are several places where tax and family law coincide, particularly when dividing assets during a divorce or separation. For any help you need navigating the taxation system as it relates to your personal and family situation, FP Lawyers are available. Accessing our specialist advice and services means we can help you reach the best possible outcome and avoid the shock of unexpected tax bills.

Your Experienced Taxation Law team.

At FP Lawyers we owe a deep thank you to the handpicked team who continue to deliver the personal service and expert advice our clients rely on.

Your End to end law specialists.

FP Lawyers deliver specialist legal services in a range of fields. You can rely on our team to be there with the expert representation and support you need. 

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