Commercial Lawyers Brisbane

With three decades of experience, our commercial law team provides the best legal solutions for businesses throughout the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers Brisbane

Navigating the legal requirements for Australian businesses can often be a complex task. Our team of commercial litigation lawyers Brisbane wide can help clients throughout south east Queensland, providing professional advice that ensures you can avoid the pitfalls of the loan industry. We assist clients with all commercial and business law matters, including:

  • Business and company registration
  • Business taxation
  • Business loans
  • Commercial leasing agreements
  • The purchase and sale of businesses
  • Business advisory services
  • Establishing and managing trusts and other entities

We provide support and services for a wide range of business operations. Our commercial lawyers Brisbane wide always deliver professional service that allows you to focus on your business while we address your matter.

Commercial Lease Lawyers Brisbane

Commercial leases are often a major expense. What’s more, dealing with landlords and tenants can be a minefield, so it should always be handled carefully to avoid unnecessary disputes. 

Our team of commercial property lawyers Brisbane wide provides advice, services and representation for all commercial leasing matters throughout south east Queensland. FP Lawyers helps with all aspects of commercial leasing, including reviewing commercial lease agreements, enforcing agreements and providing advice prior to signing.

With many commercial leases being valid for five or more years, it’s important not to become trapped in an unfavourable lease or run afoul of your tenants. Seeking counsel from our commercial property lawyers Brisbane wide before making changes or signing lease agreements can provide the peace of mind you need.

Business Loan Advice in Brisbane

Expanding businesses often seek the help of lenders and banks to support their growth with loans and mortgages. Due to the complex nature of Australian business law, applying for a business loan can be more involved than applying for a personal one. Our team of commercial litigation lawyers Brisbane wide can help clients throughout south east Queensland, providing professional advice that ensures you can avoid the pitfalls of the loan industry.

Speak to our commercial lawyers Brisbane wide for help with all business loan and mortgage matters, such as:

  • Reviewing contracts prior to signing
  • Advice regarding business loans and contracts
  • Drafting contracts
  • Responding to contracts and offers of finance
  • Assistance with applying for suitable loans

Discretionary Trusts Lawyers in Brisbane

A Discretionary Trust is a legal entity that owns property. This type of trust is administered by a Trustee to the benefit of a third party, known as the Beneficiary. In this arrangement, the discretionary trust is the legal owner of the property, but the beneficiaries receive any income (or other benefits) generated by the assets. Discretionary trusts are often used to provide protection and risk management for individuals and businesses as assets controlled by a trustee won’t be subject to the personal risks of the beneficiaries.

Establishing a trust is one of the best ways you can protect your assets and benefit from tax breaks. However, the way your discretionary trust is structured will depend on your tax obligations, future plans and ongoing requirements, so it is important to seek expert help before creating any legal entities.

FP Lawyers are commercial lawyers Brisbane wide who are experienced trusts lawyers and can assist you with planning, establishing and managing trusts to protect you and your business.

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Many of us protect our businesses and assets using specialised company structures and trusts, all of which should be reviewed as part of the estate planning process. For those who own, operate or direct businesses, it’s critical to ensure that the wishes laid out in your Will aren’t contradicted by any trusts or company constitutions that apply.

As one of the most experienced commercial litigation law firms Brisbane wide, when it comes to Wills and estate planning, we help clients from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast to plan for the future. As part of our comprehensive services, we’ll go the extra mile to establish a Will that protects your assets and businesses, minimises the risk of disputes and allows you to provide for the people around you.

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Australia’s commercial legislation can be a complex topic to handle on your own. Seeking professional advice from experienced commercial litigation lawyers Brisbane wide gives you peace of mind knowing that your matter is being handled properly and that we are looking after your best wishes.

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