Wills & Estates

Protect yourself, provide for the future and take the pressure off your family and friends with our comprehensive will and estate planning services.

Wills & Estate

Leaving behind a comprehensive will or estate plan is one of the best things you can do to plan ahead and protect your loved ones into the future.

Wills and Estates Law

Providing for your family and protecting your assets is one of the most important things you can do with your life. Having a will and estate plan that is updated whenever you celebrate a change in your circumstances ensures your hard work is looked after.

Wills and estates law is one of FP Lawyers’ longest-standing fields of expertise, and our dedicated team can provide sensitive and personal services that help you plan for the future. Don’t put it off, the work you invest into developing a robust estate plan can spare your family and friends a lot of trouble during a trying time.

Will Drafting & Services

The team at FP Lawyers are experts in this field and are backed by an industry leading firm. The team understands drafting and maintaining a comprehensive Will is something most of us would rather not think about and know that it is important that your wishes are recorded using proper legal terminology. Considering your testamentary wishes can often be confronting and emotional. However, our team pride ourselves in ensuring we are sensitive to our clients’ concerns.

Unfortunately, a Will does not always mean an estate may be passed onto beneficiaries. A robust Will ensures your wishes are recorded and your assets are protected for distribution among the people you love, providing for them even once you have passed. Since Wills are often complex documents, it is important to have your Will drafted and updated by a specialist law firm to prevent confusion or disputes in the future.

Estate Planning

Our estate plans provide legal protection for your assets and a full accounting of your wishes on topics such as:

  • Distribution of assets
  • Guardianship of your children
  • Power of attorney
  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Establishing trusts for children and dependents
  • Specific Requests & Gifts
  • Bloodline trusts
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Special Disability Trusts
  • Statutory Wills

Your Experienced Wills & Estates team.

At FP Lawyers we owe a deep thank you to the handpicked team who continue to deliver the personal service and expert advice our clients rely on.

Alyce Carpin

Principal Lawyer

Your End To End Legal Specialists.

FP Lawyers deliver specialist legal services in a range of fields. You can rely on our team to be there with the expert representation and support you need. 

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