How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Australia?

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Separating from your partner and getting a divorce can be a distressing time. Australia’s family law provides a framework for dividing assets and managing the care of any children and dependents. However, making those decisions can be difficult, and many people seek professional support to help navigate the situation. The right Brisbane family lawyer can make all the difference to the outcomes of divorce proceedings by protecting your interests and ensuring the process is executed legally and equitably. In this article we’ll discuss how much it costs to hire a divorce lawyer in Australia and the four main ways a divorce can be managed.

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Australia?

Divorce proceedings are often extremely complex, and many people choose to hire legal representation to resolve the matter. Depending on your situation, you can expect to pay a $990 application for divorce fee, and between $2,000 and $5,000 for your Lawyer’s time. The simpler your divorce, the less you’ll have to pay. Complex matters or contested divorce issues can cost substantially more. In general, you can expect to pay a further $5,000 to sort out issues with children or a property.

Do I Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

There is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer during a divorce or separation. It’s possible to file an application for divorce and reach an agreement with your partner on your own.

However, it’s often a good idea to seek legal representation during a divorce. Divorce proceedings can be complicated, especially when you share children, businesses and major assets with your partner. Engaging a lawyer to represent you makes sure that each part of the process is completed properly and helps you reach the best possible resolution. Even if you and your partner are able to reach an understanding, it’s still a good idea to ask a lawyer to review your agreement. Talk to your lawyer before you sign any documents to ensure the agreement looks after your interests and obligations.

Managing the Divorce Process

Because you aren’t required to hire a lawyer to manage a divorce, there are a number of options available to you and your partner. The option you choose depends on your relationship, financial situation and whether you have any children or dependents. When it comes time to develop an agreement about how you will divide your shared responsibilities, you can choose to:

    • Reach an agreement on your own. This is the simplest and most affordable way to settle your divorce. If you and your partner are on good terms and trust each other to be honest, you can file an application for divorce and work out an agreement on your own. It’s important to have a lawyer look over your agreement before you sign it.

    • Seek independent legal advice. If you and your partner can’t reach an agreement on your own, you can both seek independent legal advice. Your lawyer will represent you in any negotiations, help draft a suitable agreement and make sure all your forms are lodged correctly. Engaging a lawyer is especially useful if children are involved, or if you have complex separation matters, such as businesses that need to be divided.

    • Engage a mediator. Rather than both of you working with your own lawyers, you can choose to deal with an impartial mediator instead. The mediator will help you both reach a legally binding agreement. Working with a mediator may be more affordable than independent legal advice, but a breakdown in negotiations can add to your costs.

    • Seek a court decision. For partners that are separating on bad terms, or where there is a history of domestic abuse, it’s often up to a Judge to make a final decision. Taking your divorce to Court can be very costly and time consuming, so most lawyers will try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

Talk to FP Lawyers for Professional Advice About Australian Divorce Proceedings

The end of a relationship can be a stressful, trying time. Managing separation and divorce proceedings is often challenging, especially if you and your partner aren’t on good terms or if there are complex assets or properties involved that need guidance from a divorce lawyer in Brisbane.

FP Lawyers specialises in handling family mediation Brisbane wide while providing sensitive support to help you navigate a difficult situation. Our team of experienced family lawyers is available across Brisbane, and we can provide you with a comprehensive range of legal advice and services before, during and after your divorce.

We help with all divorce matters, including divorce property settlement, negotiating agreements and handling child custody issues that arise during proceedings. For any support you need, contact us today to book a confidential consultation with our family lawyers.

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